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 Brave Hearts is a Support Group for those who have loved ones in the grip of addiction. Our objective is to Educate & Inform family and friends and to provide ongoing support or referral to professional help.

"Since joining Brave Hearts Facebook group and meeting other parents of meth addicts in Auckland, I feel much more able to deal with my son's addiction. I have learnt about how to manage his behaviour and how to look after myself. Most importantly, meeting people who are like me and find themselves in this terrible situation, has helped immensely. I firmly believe that Brave Hearts has saved my sanity!"

Welcome to Brave Hearts

Welcome to Brave Hearts … a free support service for people with loved ones in the grips of substance use and addiction.

We are members of the community who have been through or have been directly affected by the agonising, daily trauma of having an addicted loved one.

Brave Hearts facilitates group meetings, provides phone support and can refer those who need it to counselling or other professional service providers. Everyone is welcome.

Part of our mission is to meet an urgent need for people to be better educated and informed about the effects of substance use and to lobby for more support to empower those who are battling with the effects of drug use in our community.


Whanau Toolkit

1. Accountability

2. Consequenses

3. Monitor

4. Check

5. Abide by the Law

6. No Benefit of Doubt

7. Expect Relapses

8. Manage Emotions

9. Enabling

10. Self Care

A full copy of the Whanau Toolkit will only be supplied after consultation with us. Please email or phone 0508 272834. Thank you.

Need to talk to someone?

Phone: 0508 BRAVEHEARTS (272 834)


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