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Ehara taku toa i te toa takitahi, engari he toa takitini ke


 My strength does not come from me alone but also from others


Hi Erin,
My son has been addicted to methamphetamine for about 9 years. Over this time, I have felt very alone and at a loss as to how to deal with this. Since joining the Brave Hearts Facebook group and meeting other parents of meth addicts in Auckland, I feel much more able to deal with my son's addiction.
I have learnt about how to manage his behaviour and how to look after myself. Most importantly, meeting people who are like me and find themselves in this terrible situation,
has helped immensely.
I firmly believe that Brave Hearts has saved my sanity!

Research shows that when significant others seek support, guidance and the putting in place of a plan/boundaries - that the odds of a loved one with an addiction seeking help and a life of recovery, goes up markedly.
The fact that people are attending the Brave Hearts meetings is the beginning of this process - which I think is awesome - so well done to you and be encouraged as this is a very important thing you are doing which will have tangible positive outcomes for families
and our community.
Darryl Wesley, Manager, Salvation Army Bridge Tauranga

Being a mother of an addict for the past 11 years and continuing, I strongly support Brave Hearts coming to Auckland. Families and loved ones of the addicts feel isolated, helpless and alone. Brave Hearts are providing a fantastic service for many of us on this journey. A place where we can go for support, to talk and cry if needed. My husband and I will definitely be there at Brave Hearts meetings.

I have found the coffee meetings with Brave Hearts to be very helpful. I am very early on this journey compared to some of the parents, so I have appreciated having their advice on rehab programmes that are suitable and for whom and how to manage my expectations. For example, not to expect a permanent recovery after only one programme and to understand that my daughter and I are on a very long journey.
Listening to other parents and their roller coaster relationships with their addict children helps me to feel less alone, to realise that I am not the only parent going through the stress of having an adult child addicted to meth. I have learnt helpful tips from how the various parents handle their children when, for example, they arrive at the house high on drugs or when money/jewellery go missing from the family home.
At the same time, I have learnt more from these parents, that there is hope, that some children do manage to come off the drugs with help and support from their families.
I feel that I have learnt more from the other parents combined that I have from all the websites that I have searched over the last 12 months.
And perhaps most important of all, it is a place where I feel safe to discuss my issues with having an addicted child. It is a place where people know what I am talking about because they have been there too.

Hello Erin,
I have been meaning to write to you to thank you and the team at Brave Hearts for all the support and advice I have got from you all, over the last 2 years.
I have a son who was a drug addict and had been trying to come clean for many years, when I finally got him to agree to getting help himself. I also needed to get support for myself, as I had no idea how to cope with a son going through rehab. It was not an easy time for either of us and through a friend, I was introduced to Brave Hearts. It was my saving grace, I always felt like I was so alone and not able to share my story until I came to the first meeting in June 2016.
I learnt so much about addiction, how drugs effect the mind and body and I got the skills to be able to cope at home. I am so grateful for everything that you have all done for me.
I hope that you continue your good work for others that are in the same situation that I was in.
All the best for Brave Hearts future.

I just wanted to say thank you so much for meeting with us last week.
Feels a lot better with a plan in place, preparing for the worst and hoping for the best!
I've even saved the rules as a screensaver on my phone so I am reminded every time I use it, especially my happy thought :)
A bit of a tough week since then, but having tools makes it A LOT easier than it once was.
Thank you, thank you and thank you again!

Thank you to Brave Hearts for the support and help you have all given me over the past 13 weeks.
I have been on this journey / roller coaster for several years now. I knew some of what I needed to know / do however, each time my son relapsed, the stress for me became more undeniable, my thoughts became chaotic and I lost the consistent clarity I required to be
helpful to both my son and myself. As the weeks went by and I attended each meeting, I found that clarity. I can not thank you all enough.

I was very fortunate to have Brave Hearts support group available to me when I was at a point of not knowing what I was going to do next.
The fortnightly meetings have been huge in supporting and educating me by way of being surrounded by people that have gone or are going through exactly what I am, being able to share my problems and experiences in a safe, caring and supportive environment.
The meetings have educated me greatly. I look forward to going to every meeting as always get something from them.

The Acorn Foundation has been aware of Brave Hearts (started by Erin Scarlett and Ros Potter) and their desire to help parents and family members of methamphetamine addicts. Reducing drug and alcohol abuse was identified as a top priority for safety and security in our 2015 Vital Signs research report.
The Acorn Foundation
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